Scott City claims GWAC wrestling title

Brad Nading
Garden City Telegram

Scott City came away with the Greater Western Athletic Conference wrestling team title Friday during the league meet at Goodland.

The Beavers were led to the title by Zach Rohrbough winning the 132-pounds division and Lance Miller taking the championship at 170 pounds.


Kaeden McCarthy of Colby won the title while Scott City’s Evan Fry finished second.  Cimarron’s Erik Garcia took third.


Goodland’s DJ Knox won the division as Colby’s Aiden Cook placed second. Scott City’s Ayden Presson took third and Zane Poulsen of Hugoton finished in fourth place. Cimarron’s Aaron Garcia finished fifth.


Ulysses’ Quentin Pauda won the championship while Collin McDaniel of Scott City took second. Goodland’s Octavio Gonzalez finished third.


Jonathan Lara of Ulysses won the division while Colby’s Tucker Work took second. Holcomb’s Greg Martinez finished third and Zach Roberts of Scott City took fourth.


Scott City’s Zach Rohrbough took first place while Chris Harris of Holcomb finished in second. Colby’s Conner Lanning grabby third place and Ulysses’ Dominic Eddie took fourth. Hugoton’s Luis Cruz finished in fifth place.


Colby’s Tyler Voss won the division while Scott City’s Houston Frank finished second. Kolby Salas of Ulysses took third place and Goodland’s Jason Colby was fourth.


Mason Hernandez of Goodland won the class as Hugoton’s Adam Mendoza took second place. Scott City’s Commor Armndariz finished in third place and Eli Anguiano of Ulysses was fourth. Cimaron’s Zachery Harmon took fifth place; Holcomb’s Race Ardery finished in sixth; and Colby’s Marcus Singer took seventh.


Goodland’s Kyan Ensign won the championship in the division while Holcomb’s Edgar Ramirez finished in second place. Colby’s Thomas Dennis placed third and Eli Greene of Cimarron took fourth place. Ulysses’ Kaleb Jaquez was sixth and Hugoton’s Kaden Jackson finished in seventh.


Wyatt Tubbs of Colby won the division as Kale Wheeler of Scott City took second place. Goodland’s Maverick Spresser finished in third place; Holcomb’s Alex Medina took fourth and Cimaron’s Andrew Bogner in fifth place.


Scott City’s Lance Miller won the title and Goodland’s Gantzen Miller took second place. Holcomb’s Alex Rodriguez finished in third and Ulysses’ Adolfo Mendoza took fourth place. Christian Harmon of Cimarron finished in fifth and Colby’s Caleb Hill took sixth.


Holcomb’s Kolby Johnson won the championship in the division and Scott City’s Jeffery Nix took second. Goodland’s Isaiah Shinette finished in third place and Blake Rodriguez of Ulysses was fourth. Colby’s Colin Carroll was fifth.


Cimarron’s Tate Seabolt claimed the title in the class while Colby’s Nick Rehmer took second. Moises Rodriguez of Ulysses finished in third and Scott City’s Alonso Frances took fourth.


Dexter Dautel of Goodland won the division and Colby’s Tyler Rehmer took second place. Hugoton’s Jace Bonsall finished in third and Scott City’s Braydon Bruner took fourth.


Colby’s Declan Ryan won the championship in the class as Scott City’s Gabriel Bowers took second. Goodland’s Caleb Duell was third place and Ulysses’ Gustavo Camacho finished in fourth.

Scott City won the team title with 161.5 points. Colby finished second with 152.0 and Goodland took third with 142.0.

There were also three girls' divisions in the tournament:


Colby’s Kathie Chavez won the division and Holcomb’s Amilia Martinez finished in second place. Cimarron’s Veronica Greene took third and Havon Rickard of Goodland was fourth.


Amanda Jauger of Colby won the championship while Holcomb’s Adriana Barajas finished second. Ulysses’ Miranda Guzman took third place and Ulysses’ Sahnoa Wilson was fourth.


Cimarron’s Brayclen Lynn took first place and Ulysses’ Talya Martinez finished in second.