Dighton girls, Lakin boys rout opponents

Brad Nading
Garden City Telegram

Area high schools are continuing their regular season schedules, with several playing games on Friday and Saturday nights.

Western Plains 7, Dighton Girls 51

Dighton’s Traci Cramer and the Hornets defense controlled the game Friday at Dighton, routing Western Plains 51-7.

Cramer handled the offensive side of the ball for Dighton, scoring a game-high 22 points, including four three-pointers.

The Hornet defense controlled Western plains, allowing only one point to be scored in three quarters and the other quarter, only four points.

Dighton jumped out to a 14-1 lead after the first quarter and cruised to the win, leading 21-5 at halftime. The Hornets buried 23 points in the third quarter against the mismatched Western Plains.

The Hornets had seven players contribute points toward the win.

Western Plains’ Carlee Flax scored all of her team’s points, with a three-pointer and four free throws in the game.

Western Plains  1; 4; 1; 1; - 7

Dighton  14; 7; 23; 7; - 51

Elkhart 28, Lakin Boys 80

The Lakin boys hosted Elkhart Friday night and routed the Wildcats, 80-28.

The Broncs started slow, only leading by one point after the first, 14-13.  But Lakin broke the game open in the second, using a stiff defense to hold Elkhart to only six points while its offense exploded for 29 points to take a 43-19 halftime lead.

Lakin added another 26 points in the third quarter, including six three-pointers, while holding Elkhart to seven points to seal the win.  Elkhart only scored two free throws in the fourth while the Broncs added another 11 to their final score.

The Broncs’ Allen Martinez led all scorers with 22 points, Dominick Daniels had 18 and Servando Gonzalez added 16 points.

Cesar Gomez led the scoring for Elkhart with six points.

Elkhart  13; 6; 7; 2; - 28

Lakin 14; 29; 26; 11; - 80

Wiley, Colo., 29, Lakin Boys 69

The Lakin boys added another mark for their rout season last Saturday when they defeated Wiley, Colo., 69-29, at Lakin.

The Broncs defense took hold early in the game, holding Wiley to four points in the first and eight in the second. The Lakin offense was firing on all cylinders from the start of the game, scoring 26 in the first quarter, including six three-pointers, and 21 in the second to take a 47-12 lead at halftime. The Broncs cruised through the second half for the win.

Gonzalez and Hunter Davis shared the top offensive honors in the game with 14 points each as Martinez added 10 points.  The Broncs had 10 players score in the game toward the win.

Devon Jacobs led the scoring for Wiley with seven points.

Wiley, Colo.  4; 8; 13; 4; - 29

Lakin  26; 21; 19; 3; - 69

Goodland Boys 54, Stanton County 39

The Stanton County boys hosted Goodland Friday in Johnson City but came up short to the Cowboys, 54-39.

Both teams started slowly in the first quarter, Goodland taking a 10-7 lead into the second.  The Trojans couldn’t get the offense going in the second, scoring only six points, falling behind at halftime 27-13, with that point difference playing into the final scoring.

Stanton County’s offense came to life n the third, scoring 16 points, but the Cowboys had their best quarter of the game, scoring 21, to take a 48-29 lead into the final period.  The Trojans did have the advantage in the fourth, 10-6 but it wasn’t enough to overcome the earlier deficit.

Stanton County’s Cole Scott led all scorers with 31, with 22 of those points coming in the second half.

Brennan Brumbaugh led Goodland with 24 points.

Goodland  10; 17; 21; 6; - 54

Stanton Co.  7; 6; 16; 10; - 39

Goodland Girls 54, Stanton County 30

The Stanton County girls dropped a home contest Friday to Goodland, 54-30, at Johnson City.

Goodland took the early lead, 16- 9 after the first quarter and 24-16 at halftime.  in the third, Stanton County’s offense came to life, scoring 14 points, but Goodland answered with 21.  The fourth doomed any chance of the Trojans making a comeback as they were held to zero points while the Cowboys scored nine.

Jordan Tucker and Jordan Snook led the scoring for Stanton County with nine points each.

Goodland’s Sydney Hahn led all scorers with 19 points, Talexa Weeter had 16, and Jaxi Mitchell added 11 points.

Goodland  16; 8; 21; 9; - 54

Stanton Co.  9; 7; 14; 0; - 30

Kiowa County 50, Satanta Boys 56

The Satanta boys hosted Kiowa County Friday and came away with a home win, 56-50.

Both teams started the game fairly even, with Satanta taking a 15-12 lead after the first quarter, then extending it slightly to 26-21 at halftime.

The third quarter proved to be the difference in the game for the Indians, as Satanta scored 16 points while holding Kiowa County to eight points.  Kiowa County mounted a comeback in the fourth quarter, scoring 21 points, but Satanta added 14 in the period to preserve the victory.

Satanta was led by Erier Tarango with 13 points while Christian Ramirez and Angel Manrique each had 11.

Kiowa County  12; 9; 8; 21; - 50

Satanta  15; 11; 16; 14; - 56

Kiowa County 50, Satanta Girls 23

Satanta’s girls basketball team hosted Kiowa County Friday but came up short, dropping the contest 50-23.

Kiowa County took the early lead 14-8 and extended it to 10 points at halftime 25-15, and cruised through the second half for the win.

Satanta was held to eight points or less in each of the quarters, including a single free throw in the fourth.

Ella Burrows led the scoring for Satanta with eight points.

Kiowa County’s Addi Heinson led all scorers with 16 points.

Kiowa County  14; 11;8; 17; - 50

Satanta  8; 7; 7; 1; - 23