Taking care of the line

By Pete Grathoff
The Kansas City Star/TNS

Left guard Kelechi Osemele's season came to a painful end in the Chiefs' fifth game of the season.

During the Raiders' 40-32 win over the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, tendons in both of Osemele's knees were torn. Despite the shortness of his time protecting Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes this season, Mahomes gave Osemele a sweet Christmas gift:

Osemele said that's a Rolex watch, and Mahomes said others on the Chiefs' offensive line received a similar gift.

"They all got a couple watches as a group," Mahomes said during an interview with KCSP (610 AM). "I mean I gotta take care of those guys a little bit more than everybody else. No offense to any of my other guys but that group up front gets a little special treatment."

Mahomes said he also gave gifts to the coaching staff and his fellow quarterbacks.

"The coaches, I gave them a little travel suitcase type thing with some Adidas apparel and some Oakleys, and all type of stuff that coaches love, and I thought they could utilize," Mahomes said. "They were very thankful for that and everything like that. Just as much as anything else, those guys spend like their whole entire life at the facilities preparing to put us in the best situation possible, so you wanna take care of those guys, as well."

Speaking of the facility, Mahomes showed up on Christmas Day with a special look.

It was the apparel that drew a lot of attention on Christmas. Mahomes said this was a gift from his fiancee Brittany Matthews:

"She knows I'm a pretty big fan of those old silver bullets, so she got me that and thought it was funny," Mahomes said. "I actually wore it to the facility that day and everything like that and thought it was pretty sweet."

Mahomes said he also got Super Bowl rings for his parents, which they received when he saw them on Sunday.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) pumps his fist after he rolled out and completed a pass to wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) for 8 yards to covert on third down to set up a kneel down to end the game as the Chiefs beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-24 on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2020 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla.