Chappel, Sosa lead GCHS cross country

Brad Nading
Garden City High School's Devin Chappel runs the course on his way to winning the sophomore boys large division Thursday during the Swather Special cross country meet at Hesston.

Garden City High School’s cross country team, as well as Holcomb and Meade, traveled Thursday to Hesston to compete in the annual Swather Special meet.

The meet is broken up into two class divisions and separate races for each grade classification.

Garden City’s Devin Chappel and Jocelyn Sosa, as well as Holcomb’s Xavier Robles, led the attack for the local teams, with each winning their respective 5K races.

Garden City boys

In the large-school division, Class 6A and 5A, the Buffaloes’ boys squad finished in second place as a team with 43 points, one point behind champion Dodge City with 42. The Western Athletic Conference dominated the team event, taking the top four spots.

On the large-school division girls team competition, Garden City finished in fifth place with 37 points. Great Bend won the event with 13 points.

In the senior boys 5K, Brody Hoff led the Buffaloes with a fifth-place finish, running the course in 17:07.1. Jesus Alvarado-Retana placed 23rd with a 20:35.6 time and Jimmy Lieu ran the course in 20:44.8 for 25th place.

Isaiah Casados led GCHS in the junior boys 5K, finishing in fifth place with a time of 17:46.0. Kenji Craig closed on Casados to take sixth place at 17:48.1. Joel Contreras placed 12th with an 18:16.8, while Aedryc Ortiz ran the course in 19.26.6 for 21st. Josh Snyder placed 23rd with a time of 20:24.0.

In the sophomore boys race, Garden City’s Devin Chappel claimed the title with a 16:20.4, four seconds faster than the second-place finisher. Evan Gurrola places fifth with a time of 18:08.7. Hayden Bailey ran the course in 19:27.1 for 17th place and Rylan Anderson finished 37th with a time of 24:22.8.

In the freshman boys division, Paul Elliott finished in 11th place for the Buffaloes with a time of 19:41.6. Ivan Rivas placed 13th with a 19:47.9 and Chris Plisek ran the course in 19:53.4 for 14th.

Garden City girls

Garden City’s Selah Hageman finished in fifth place in the large-school division for senior girls with a time of 22:01.8. Abby Aguilar placed in 18th with a time of 23:57.7 and Rebecca Potts ran the course in 24:01.7 for 19th.

In the junior girls 5K, Maria Balderas finished in eighth place with a time of 21:45.0, while Andrea Hernandez paled 13th with a 22:30.0. Leslie Jimenez ran the course in 24:59.6 and Joselyn Hoff finished in 27th with a 25:23.5.

Jocelyn Sosa claimed the title in the sophomore girls race with a time of 19:24.0. Samantha Orozco finished in 11th place with a 22:57.1, while Anna Lobmeyer was close behind in 12th at 22:59.2. Lana Rodrigues came in 14th with a time of 23.20.9 as Joscelyn Monarrez ran the course in 23:51.3 for 17th. Paige Chappel finished in 26th with a time of 25:18.1 and Raleigh Carr ran the course in 27:31.9 for 33rd place.

In the girls freshman large division, Ruby Aguilera ran the course in 26.00.9 for 22nd while Jennifer Pham placed 24th running the course in 26:46.8 and Jennifer Andrade finished 27th with a time of 27:35.1.

Boys small-school division

In the boys small division, Class 4A to 1A, Holcomb finished in fourth place as a team while Meade place 10th.

Vance Shewey, of Meade, was the only area participant in the boys senior small division. Shewey finished in 21st with a time of 19:03.3.

In the junior boys race, Holcomb’s Braxton Sizemore finished in sixth place with a time of 17:33.8 as teammate Daegan VanPelt placed eighth with a time of 17:44.9. Meade’s Arron Orr ran the course in 20:12.2 for 30th.

In the sophomore boys division, the Longhorns’ Dally Schuetz finished in 30th at 20:23.0 while Meade’s Kody Henson ran the course in 20:48.3 for 35th. Holcomb’s Dalton Long placed 38th at 20:59.2, Steven Williams finished 42nd with a 21:38.5 and James Boyts finished in 46th at 23:06.8.

Xavier Robles, of Holcomb, won the freshman boys 5K with a time of 17:00.1, 39 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher. Meade’s Logan Keith placed third with a 17:49.6 and teammate Trent Roberts ran the course in 18:16.7 for eighth place. The Longhorns’ Connor Wikoff placed 19th at 20:03.2 and Luis Gonzalez took 20th with a 20:16.9. Holcomb’s Bradyn Spellman finished 35th at 21:55.1 and Bryson Novack in 42nd with a 23:26.9. Alexander DeLoach, of Holcomb, finished 47th with a 24:40.1.

Girls small-school division

Holcomb placed 14th and Meade finished in 15th in the team competition of the girls small division.

Meade’s Katie Welsh ran the course in 22:28.6 to finish in eighth place in the senior girls 5K. Holcomb’s Andrea Serrano ran the course in 24:59.4 for 19th place and Meade’s Alley Ross placed 21st with a 25:32.4.

In the girls junior division, Meade’s Haley Thompson ran the course in 24:41.4 for 18th place. Holcomb’s Lexi Kepley finished 23rd at 25:44.9, while teammate Melissa Almaraz ran the course in 30:29.2 for 31st.

Holcomb’s Katrina Macias was the top area finisher in the girls sophomore race with a ninth place at 22:00.0. Teammate Isabel Macias placed 15th at 23:45.7. Meade’s Kyra Shewey finished in 19th with a 24:07.1 time.

The Longhorns’ Kierra Brink was the lone area competitor in the girls freshman race, finishing 22nd with a 26:41.2.

Garden City High School's Jocelyn Sosa extends her lead on her way to winning the sophomore girls large division 5K Thursday during the Swather Special cross country meet at Hesston.