Letter to the editor: What’s missing?

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

Does anyone share my memories?

I was a child during WWII, and children were part of the “war effort.”

I remember:

• Going from house to house to collect scrap iron

• Gathering milkweed

• Planting a Victory Garden

• Saving stamps for War Bonds

• Taking rationing stamps to the grocery store

• Seeing Gold Stars in the windows of families who had lost someone in action

• Grieving with my best friend when her only brother died in a training flight

…. And so much more.

As children we heard the phrase “for the duration”, which we learned meant “until the war is over.” We knew everyone was in it together for as long as it would take.

How different those times were from ours today, when our country is torn apart by competing interests, rather than being united for a common purpose.

During the crisis of WWII we had strong, trusted, steady federal leadership, and we won the war. During the present crisis of COVID-19 such leadership is totally missing, and the war continues to rage.

Kay Streufert, Lindsborg