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Vote for a true Republican

John Doll was a Democrat, then he became a Republican, then he became an Independent, then he became a Republican again.

Vote for a true conservative Republican for Kansas State Senate, vote for LON PISHNY!

Will and Jackie Nichols

Haskell County, Ks

Re-elect Doll to Senate

Senator John Doll has done an excellent job of representing the 39th District in Topeka for the past four years. As someone who knows both John and his opponent, I can say without reservation that John Doll is clearly the better choice.

Representative government only functions properly when those elected to office truly strive to understand the views, goals, and aspirations of their constituents, and then vote accordingly. Senator Doll has served in exactly that way. His focus has always been on his district and what is best for his constituents and the state of Kansas.

That independent approach and focus on his district has brought opposition from powerful special interest groups from eastern Kansas. The people behind those entities don’t live here, work here, or raise their families here. They care little about what’s best for the 39th district; instead their focus is what advances their narrow agenda, and beware to any legislator, like Senator Doll, who dares to not toe the line as they dictate.

The people behind those powerful forces are currently carpet bombing the 39th district with propaganda, trying to convince the voters to switch and vote for the challenger. This is the way these groups always behave. They rarely try to reason with legislators or work for compromise. It is always “give us what we want, or we will work to defeat you”. What they are after, of course, is a senator who will obediently and unthinkingly vote as they are told.

Before you cast your vote in the Republican primary reflect on whether you will be content with allowing some eastern Kansas bullies to dictate who represents the 39th district in Topeka. I trust your answer will be no, and you will choose to re-elect Senator John Doll and send him back to Topeka to continue the good work he has done on your behalf.

Rep. Don Hineman

Kansas House Majority Leader 2017-18

Dighton, KS