Shooting range plans moving ahead in Garden City

Meghan Flynn
Plans are moving forward to replace the deteriorating Garden City Police Department's gun range, located under the skate park, with a new facility on old Highway 83 south of Garden City.

Action Target, Inc., was chosen by the Garden City Commission as the supplier for the new shooting range’s equipment at the commission’s regular meeting Tuesday.

Action Target will manufacture, supply, deliver and install the equipment for a cost of $723,588.

Adam Schart, of Wilson & Company, the city’s engineering firm, said the selection of a supplier for the equipment comes after the new shooting range was chosen by voters as a part of the countywide sales tax levy.

The building was originally to be located about a half-mile south of the old recycling center. However, earlier this year, it was determined that trash was under the site, so it was moved to the site of the old recycling plant itself.

Since then, Schart said they have been updating the plans for the site, which originally were created in 2015.

Because it’s been so long since the plans were created, there are new code updates and the gun range equipment that was chosen was obsolete — it didn’t exist anymore — so they had to re-look at what equipment needed to go into the building, Schart said.

The equipment is specialized and has to be chosen as they create a new design, Schart said.

“It kind of creates a little bit of a chicken and the egg when we're creating this project where we have to design our building to accommodate the equipment that goes in there, so we have to know what equipment is going in there,” he said.

Schart said they knew how many lanes there were going to be and the general dimensions, but they needed to figure out what other equipment was going in so they could design the electric components.

The range itself will have eight shooting lanes, classrooms, restrooms, office space, air filtration system, showers and a parking lot.

The shooting range equipment includes: bullet traps, target systems, range control systems, safety baffles and ballistic barriers, acoustic treatment, shooting stalls and range ventilation.

The current GCPD gun range is located below the skate park and is used by several groups in Garden City.