FCHD updates its virus information webpage

Meghan Flynn

Changes have been made to the Finney County Health Department’s COVID-19 webpage.

Information on the changes was given at the Finney County Commission’s regular meeting Tuesday by health department director Colleen Drees.

The biggest change is now the health department is doing a weekly public health update, in both English and Spanish, which is also being posted onto its social media sites, Drees said.

In the update is a general summary of how many cases have been reported in Finney County, including the number of positive cases, cases being monitored, pending cases, negative test results, hospitalizations and fatalities.

Another change is the addition of the positivity rate to the charts on the webpage, Drees said.

“It was a 27 percent increase back in July, we were at 13 percent consistently for two weeks and now we did go up to 20 percent,” she said.

The positivity rate is a good indicator or how COVID-19 is affecting the community, Drees said. It shows what percentage of the sample group is coming back positive.

Cases have increased slightly, but it’s not a huge increase, Drees said.

“We did have an increase of several positives there on Monday the 4th, 15 in total, and we're had a slight increase in the last week,” she said. “I’m expecting that to probably increase.”

Hospitalizations have been fairly consistent but have been in decrease, Drees said. The hospitalization number for Monday was five, but they will start to see a small increase.

“It’s consistently anywhere between two and five, that has stayed level,” she said.

Drees said the health department is also working on updating the webpage’s dashboard to help display the data.

For more information on COVID-19, visit the health department’s webpage at finneycounty.org/755/Coronavirus-COVID-19.