City approves second bid package for Big Pool project

Meghan Flynn
Demolition crews are in the process of removing the concrete from the Big Pool's floor and decks to be trucked out in preparation for construction of the Garden Rapids at The Big Pool waterpark.

The guaranteed maximum price for Bid Package 2 for the Garden Rapids at The Big Pool project was approved by the Garden City Commission at its regular meeting Tuesday.

The commission voted 4-1, with Commissioner Manny Ortiz the only dissenting vote.

Bid Package 2 is a total of $3.9 million, bringing the total project cost to $12.3 million.

In addition to the base bid package, the commission approved a buy-up option for a breezeway between the old bathhouse and the new admission/concession building.

The breezeway option chosen includes arches, beams with shade coverings that can be taken down between seasons, at a total cost of $128,804 for an annual cost of $8,600 to the bond.

Jennifer Cunningham, assistant city manager, said the benefit of the shade structure vs. a solid structure for the breezeway is drainage during rain and snow events.

“The solid structure is going to shed water and snow onto the roof that we're going to have to deal with over time, and with drainage as it comes off the building,” she said. “The shade structures are going to disburse that differently and not straight onto the roof structure and during the winter we can take those down and so we don't have that disbursement of snow melting and going onto the other two flat roofs.”

Ortiz said he was concerned about the fabric breezeway option.

“I'm just going to express my concern about having the employees get up there and take those down and store them away with it being fabric,” he said.