City commission approves pool bid package

Meghan Flynn
The Big Pool sits at 504 E. Maple St. A groundbreaking ceremony will take place at 10 a.m. Friday for construction of the Garden Rapids at The Big Pool.

A guaranteed maximum price for the Garden Rapids project at The Big Pool was approved at the Garden City Commission meeting Tuesday.

The commission approved Bid Package 1 by a vote of 5-0 for a total of $7,980,609.

Bid Package 1 includes site demolition, earthwork, pools, slides and play structures.

Some changes and updates have been made to the design of the project since it was first approved by the commission in December.

Terry Berkbuegler, of the Confluence Design team, said some of the changes from the original design include the elimination of the Ninja Course, additional shade, shrinking of the pool from 10 lanes and 50 meters to eight lanes and 50 meters and the addition of a dive-well.

Berkbuegler said the Ninja Course was eliminated because the manufacturer originally gave them a price of $300,000 to $350,000; however, when they got the actual pricing later, it doubled to the $600,000 range, which would put the project over budget.

“What we learned and found out is that the first one they were building when we initially got the numbers from them, they learned as they were building it that it cost more than they originally thought,” he said.

So, to find something in lieu of the Ninja Course to maintain some excitement, they added in a separate, pull-off dive-well, Berkbuegler said, and added in some more shade features.

The width of the pool was shrunk because of the addition of the dive-well.