Finney County Commission discusses possible improvements to Parallel Road

Meghan Flynn
Garden City Telegram

Parallel Road needs to be improved.

Roger Calkins, Finney County Public Works director, spoke about possible road improvements at the Finney County Commission's work session on Monday.

One road to possibly improve is Parallel Road, at least the 5 miles of it that is not currently blacktop, Calkins said.

"It would connect our existing Parallel to Kearny County and it would all be blacktop, " he said.

The improvements are needed because there is a lot of commerce traffic on Parallel Road and in the southwest section of the county, Calkins said. Parallel Road connects Kearny and Finney counties.

"It connects Holcomb, Garden, Lakin, all those (cities) kind of combine in that area, it's a very area for grains and alfalfa and truck traffic to get to and from different locations throughout the various counties," he said. "It's a very popular road with high-volume traffic."

The road is all blacktop except for 5 miles, so it's important to improve the road as the heavy trucks tear it up pretty badly, Calkins said.

Calkins said the road improvements would be done to the base and then a blacktop overlay would be added.

"You can't just put blacktop on top of sand, you have to go in there and improve the base and then put in the blacktop lifts," he said.

Currently the ditch is being improved on Parallel Road to help with drainage, Calkins said. They're getting ready for the spring rush.

One other proposed road improvement is to 3rd Street going north to the subdivision, Calkins reported. The road needs to be elevated because it sits in a hole. The right-of-way needs to be reestablished because the ditches also need to be improved there. 

County Commissioner Duane Drees said that while 3rd Street is in his district, Parallel Road is the more important project looking to the future.

"Until we know where that growth is going to be northeast — I mean, both directions are going to have to do something sooner or later, but I would think Parallel Road in today's situation should rank as a higher priority," he said.