FCEDC sets meeting dates

Meghan Flynn

Meeting dates were set for the November and December Finney County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors meetings at the board’s regular meeting Wednesday.

The November meeting will be held on Nov. 23 and the December meeting will be on Dec. 16.

The December meeting date was changed from Dec. 23 to Dec. 16 because of its nearness to Christmas.

The board typically meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Lona DuVall, FCEDC president and CEO, said that last year the December meeting was pushed back a week and it has been moved in the past.

The FCEDC’s annual meeting was also discussed on Wednesday.

DuVall said that by the FCEDC’s bylaws the meeting has to be held in January, but if need be it could be held virtually depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Additionally, the banquet that typically accompanies the meeting could be moved to later in the year, DuVall said.

“We could opt to do our annual meeting in January, virtual if needed, and handle the annual business or the corporation at that time and still do a meal and a private program and all of that a little later in the year once things have straightened out,” she said. “But we would be required to manage the annual business of the corporation in January per our bylaws.”