City commission offered water slide at no cost

Meghan Flynn
A Slipstream slide, a stand-up water slide, was offered to the city commission at no cost for the Garden Rapids at the Big Pool project by the company SplashTacular. No decision was made on the offer.

The Garden City City Commission was presented with an offer to add a slide to the Garden Rapids at The Big Pool project at no cost at the commission’s Sept. 1 meeting by waterside manufacturer Splashtacular.

Splashtacular is the company the commission is going through for the slides for the pool project.

At the commission’s regular meeting Tuesday, Brian Faulkner, Splashtacular’s vice president of operations, spoke to the commission to give more information about the slide and why the company is offering it to the city.

Assistant city manager Jennifer Cunningham said this slide was looked at by the city when the city first started looking into slides for the project but was rejected because of the cost, about $650,000.

Faulkner said Garden City was chosen to receive the slide because it’s going to have a “one-of-a-kind slide complex” and the slide would complement the city’s facility.

“We felt like it was a really good investment on our part, it's close to our headquarters, Paola, Kansas, so we're six hours away, we're a Kansas company, so we thought how cool would it be to get our marketing team close, or within six hours, to be able to market this to be able to help you guys build this and really sell it to the public,” he said.

The slide, named Slipstream, is the first of its kind in the United States, Faulkner said, although not new to the industry. The slides exist all over Europe.

The company decided to make this slide after the president of Splashtacular rode similar ones in Europe and fell in love with them, Faulkner said.

“We started looking at this and we started looking at just pictures and we stared developing tooling designs and we came up with the Slipstream,” he said. “This is the first stand-up water slide.”

The recommended riding procedure is standing with a person resting their weight on their forearms.

The slide is approximately 150 feet long and is at a 7-degree slope. The inside mold is 48 inches and the recommended rider height is 53 inches.

No decision was made by the commission.

In other business:

• The commission approved two buy-up options, mill and overlay for the parking lot and aluminum framed, obscured glass windows for the Garden Rapids at The Big Pool project. The mill and overlay cost $90,122 and the windows cost $6,655.

• The commission approved the acceptance of grant funding from the Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program for $40,660 for the Garden City Police Department.

• The commission approved a bid for the Campus Drive Road Improvement Project. The project includes repairs to broken concrete panels on Kansas Avenue, Campus Drive intersections at Kansas Avenue and Fulton Street, and asphalt and mill inlay at various locations on Campus Drive.

• The commission approved the annexation of 7.09 acres of public right-of-way on Jennier Barker Road, north of Schulman Avenue to the south of Mary Street.

• The commission approved a resolution to allow Garden City to participate in the Kansas Moderate Income Housing Grant Program for the Columbus Addition Project on behalf of American Warrior Construction.