Garden City’s fireworks display set for Saturday

Meghan Flynn
Fireworks fill a portion of the sky with a multitude of colors over the Finney County Fairgrounds during a past city fireworks display. Garden City will be holding its annual Fourth of July display on Saturday.

Garden City’s fireworks display will continue as normal.

Bill Beatty, Garden City Fire Department chief, said the city’s fireworks display will be held July 4 as normal, at dusk at the Finney County Fairgrounds exhibition parking lot.

“They’re still happening, nothing has changed,” he said. “They’ll be launched just south of the the 3i lot along the Arkansas River, west of Main Street, and the public will be allowed to go set up in the 3i lot like they have been for years.”

Beatty said there has been no change to the county’s or city’s rules on the discharge of fireworks.

Fireworks can be set off between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. until July 5.

A violation of the rules can result in a fine and court fees of up to $190.

Only small, non-commercial fireworks are allowed, such as those available for sale at local fireworks stands. Bottle rockets and other skyrockets that are mounted on a stick or wire are illegal.

The fire department will have street crews out Saturday night looking out for fireworks incidents, Beatty said.

“If we encounter people shooting off fireworks, we’ll stop and have a good little talk and (remind them) don’t forget firework safety, we don’t want people to get hurt,” he said.

Beatty said last year there were maybe 60 incidents between the police department and fire department on July 4. Mostly they were just small grass fires that had to be stomped out and sometimes bigger events. However, there has not been any major incident in recent memory.

Safety tips on firework safety can be found on the Facebook pages for the Garden City Fire Department, Garden City Police Department and Finney County Sheriff’s Department.

Some of the tips include:

• Reading and following the instruction labels on fireworks.

• Purchase high quality fireworks from a reliable, legitimate source.

• Never give fireworks to small children.

• Adults should supervise fireworks use by older children.

• Wear eye protection when lighting fireworks.

• Never point fireworks at a person, building or animal.

• Have a source of water handy in case of fire.

• Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers.

• Never position any part of your body over fireworks when lighting them.

• Light only one firework at a time.

For a full list of fireworks safety tips, visit one of the Facebook pages.

Other fireworks displays that will happen on July 4 include Scott City, Ulysses and Hugoton.

Displays will begin at dusk.

Ruth Becker, Scott City staff clerk, said they are unsure of the exact location where the fireworks will be shot off but know it will be on the eastern edge of town.

The best location to park would be the baseball diamond, Becker said.

In Ulysses, the fireworks will be visible from the Civic Center parking lot.

In Hugoton, the fireworks will be held at the high school.

Dodge City, Lakin and Cimarron will not have fireworks displays this year.