Jaylee Speer


April 2020

The April meeting of the Wide Awake 4-H Club was called to order at 7 p.m. via Zoom. The roll call was “what sports do you enjoy?”

The secretary’s report was given by Emma Lightner, followed by the treasurer’s report. Jaylee Speer turned in the reporter’s report. Trell Baker gave the parliamentarian tip. The leader’s report was shared by Deanne Leamen.

Animal tagging is May 17 outside at the fairgrounds with social distancing. Last names with “A-J” are at 8 a.m. and “K-Z” is at 10:30 a.m. For the committee report, Lauren Lightner discussed designing T-shirts. There is no old or new business, and the next meeting is on May 20.

Project talks were given by Katie Heimen on her pigs; Brady Schmeeckle on food for animals; Michell Leamen talked about projects you can do for 4-H. Gentry Hands talked on steps to growing corn; Lauren Lightner on making masks; Andrew Morales talked about showing animals; Macy Hands gave tips if you get a calf; and Paxton White talked about bucket calves.

May 2020

The May meeting of the Wide Awake 4-H Club was called to order on May 19 via Zoom. The roll call was “what is one fun fact about your family?” Leaders asked for us to watch emails or Facebook for fair information. Trell Baker gave a parliamentary tip on types of votes. Devotions was by Aaron Morales. Max Brookover talked about the current events of COVID-19.

Claire Heiman gave a talk on pigs; Abigail Morales gave a talk about her quilt; Corinne Whitham talked about photography. Vivian Whitham gave a talk on brownies; Gage Hamm presented a talk on Legos; Rush Ardery gave a talk on lambs; Max Brookover gave a talk on goats. Rilee McGraw presented on how to buy cattle online; Cort Baker gave a talk on a bucket calf; Brooke Basham gave a talk on goats; Reece Frick gave a talk on sheep; and Andrew Wessels gave a talk on woodworking.

Lauren Lightner moved to add project talks to the March minutes. it was seconded and approved. The newt meeting will be June 8 via Zoom

Notes taken from Emma Lightner, Wide Awake secretary

June 2020

The June 8th Wide Awake 4-H Club meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. via Zoom. The roll call was sharing a project you are working on for the fair. Emma Lightner read the minutes from the last meetings. Mitchell Leamen gave the treasurer’s report. The reporter’s report was turned in by Jaylee Speer. Trell Baker read a parliamentarian tip. Joanna Schmeeckle shared the leaders report and talked about changing sizes for the T-shirts at the extension office. She also stated the Southwest Show is July 11. Only 4-H members can attend. There were no committee reports and no old or new business to discuss.

Ryan Heiman read a Bible verse; Brooke Basham read a current event about Finney County being open.

The project talks started with Ryan Heiman talking about his steers; then Zane Storer about photography; Scarlet Storer discussed baking. Jimmy Lobmeyer talks about his two pigs; Molly Price showed her art; Jace Kohlhaorst talked about his steer; Benjamin Price talked abut what he is showing; and Case Basham talks about what he is showing.

We then played an “in or out” game introduced by Lauren Lightner. The next meeting is on July 13 via Zoom.