Smoky Hills PBS to provide books for area counties

Garden City Telegram

The Cooper-Clark Foundation has awarded Smoky Hills PBS with a grant for $2,100 to support the station’s Literacy Leadership Program.

The Literacy Leadership Program is an effort from Smoky Hills PBS to engage and inspire children to be ready and eager to learn.  One component of this program is the First Book Club, in which Smoky Hills PBS gives free books to children enrolled in Head Start or preschool programs. 

With these funds, free books will be distributed to children enrolled in the public preschool in Haskell and Morton counties and to children in Head Start programs in Grant and Seward counties.

“The Cooper-Clark Foundation has been very supportive of our Literacy Leadership program and we want to thank them for their continued generosity," Haley Gagnon, special events coordinator of Smoky Hills PBS said. "Through this partnership, we are able to encourage a love of reading with these free books to many children throughout Grant, Seward, Haskell, and Morton counties."

The Cooper-Clark Foundation was established in 1983 in Liberal.