GCFD chief search continues with assessment process

Garden City Telegram
The Garden City Fire Department is in the process of seaarching for a new fire chief.  Finalists for the position will go through an in-person accessment process on Nov. 29 and 30.

The search for Garden City's next fire chief continues. 

Four candidates will take part in an assessment center. The assessment center will provide opportunities for City Staff, City Commissioners, and several community partners to assess an applicant's skills, abilities, and suitability for the specific job. 

The assessment center will be a two-day process, held on Nov. 29 and 30. 

The first day begins with a breakfast where the candidates will meet with staff, city commissioners, and other stakeholders. The candidate's morning will include an in-basket exercise, a tour of the fire district, a panel interview, and an interview with City Manager Matt Allen and Deputy City Manager Jennifer Cunningham. 

Concluding the morning session, the candidates will participate in a group stakeholder interview panel where they will meet with individuals from the various City Advisory Boards, business contacts and townships to answer questions collectively. 

The afternoon portion of the assessment center will include a peer dinner, a realtor tour, a tour of Garden City Community College’s fire science program, and a community presentation.

The City is looking for interested community members to participate in the presentation portion of the assessment center. 

Candidates will present on the topic, "How a Fire Chief can create a healthy, effective workplace culture that is focused on Service, Community, and Performance." The presentations will be held in the City Administrative Center, second-floor meeting room. Community members are encouraged to attend.

The schedule is as follows for the presentations: 

4:30 pm  –  Jon Irsik, Garden City Fire Department 

5:30 pm  –  Jeremy Moore, Garden City Fire Department

6:30 pm  –  Brett Ellis, National Fire Academy Instructor 

7:30 pm  –  Lonnie Mullen, McPherson Fire Department

The second day of the assessment center will allow each candidate to meet with the three fire shifts and have meetings with the interim Battalion Chiefs, the Fire Marshall, and the Administrative Assistant at the Fire department.

The City received 22 applications for the fire chief position. All were reviewed to determine if applicants could meet the minimum education and experience requirements. Eight applicants were selected to take part in initial phone interviews. Four were then chosen to take part in the assessment center and are considered "finalists" for the position. 

Those interested in participating in the fire chief assessment center are asked to contact the Human Resources Department at human.resources@gardencityks.us or 620-276-1175.