GCCC sees fall enrollment increase by 5 percent

Telegram Staff
Garden City Community College students make their way to their next classes on the campus earlier this school year.

Fall 2021 enrollment numbers are in for Garden City Community College. 

The college reports a 5 percent increase in enrollment for the fall 2021 semester with a total of 2,014 students, an increase from 1,918 students in both 2020 and 2019. 

Ryan Ruda, GCCC President, said the increase can be directly attributed to GCCC employees and their focus on service to the students and community.

"We are excited and very proud of these numbers as they reflect our continued focus being students," he said.

This fall, 1,044 students, or 51.8% of the student body, is full-time and 970 students, or 48.2% of the student body are part-time.

In 2020 55.5% of the student body, 1,064 students, were full-time and 44.5% of the student body, 854 students, were part-time. 

1,110 students are female, accounting for 55.1% of students in 2021, and 904 are male, accounting for 44.9% of students. In 2020 there were 1,046 female students accounting for 54.4% of the student body, 807 students were male and two were listed as unknown.

Of the 2,014 students 1,437 of them are freshmen and sophomores, 523 are in high school are under and 54 are non-degree seeking. 

In 2020 1,469 students were freshmen and sophomores with 392 in high school or under and 57 being non-degree seeking.

Students from other Kansas counties has increased also in 2021 to 500 students, an increase from 394 in 2020. 

Finney County students remained the same at 1,027.  

1,050 GCCC students are engaged in online learning in 2021 with 577 being in online and face-to-face learning and 473 being online only. In 2020 there were 967 online students.

990 students, or 49.2% of the student body, identify as Hispanic/Latino in 2021. There are also 654 white students, 159 Black/African American students, 68 non-resident alien students, 55 not reported students, 44 Asian students, 28 of two or more races students, 9 American/Alaska Native students and 7 Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students.