The Lee Richardson Zoo just had a gender reveal for their newest baby lemur

LRZ Release
The baby red ruffed lemur born June 2 at Lee Richardson Zoo has been named Mafy by the zoo's staff. The baby boy's gender was revealed in a recent event.

It’s a boy!  

Lee Richardson Zoo’s first lemur baby, a red ruffed lemur born on June 2, recently had a gender reveal party. Keepers provided the group, including the mother, father, and uncle, with hanging goodie bags filled with colored popcorn. Once they tore into the bags, blue popcorn was revealed.

Zoo employees were asked to select a name from several choices reflecting the infant’s personality and honoring the origin of his species. All lemurs originate from the island country of Madagascar. Staff chose “Mafy” as the name (pronounced Mah-fee), a Malagasy term for “tough”, due to his fearlessness in climbing and jumping at such an early age.

Mafy, his mother Sorsha, father Bogie and his uncle Frank, can be seen at the Zoo’s new Primate Forest - Lemurs! 

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Mafy’s birth was the result of a breeding recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Red Ruffed Lemur Species Survival Plan (SSP). Lee Richardson Zoo is proud to work with the other participants in the SSP toward the long-term sustainability of red ruffed lemurs and enhancing the conservation of the species in the wild through combined efforts and cooperative management of the population.

Red ruffed lemurs are native to the northeastern part of Madagascar. They are critically endangered due to habitat loss and fragmentation, as well as hunting.

For more information on the lemurs can be found in-person at the zoo or on the zoo’s website. Footage of the reveal can be found on the Zoo’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, or website at