Kansas nonprofits to benefit from tax credits

The Telegram staff

Community Service Tax Credits (CSP) have been awarded to 26 Kansas nonprofit organizations that amount to more than $4 million to improve and enhance fundraising efforts for education, healthcare, childcare, and housing projects.

“The Community Service Tax Credit program is an excellent tool we can use to support our state’s nonprofits and strengthen the essential services they provide to their communities,” Kansas Governor Laura Kelly said. “My administration will continue pursuing innovative initiatives like CSP to improve Kansans’ access to quality education, healthcare, childcare, and housing to make Kansas the best state in the nation for families and businesses to call home.”

The CSP program provides a 70% tax credit to qualified donors in rural communities with a population less than 15,000 and a 50% tax credit in larger communities. For example, a donor making a $1,000 gift in a rural community receives a $700 tax credit when they file their state taxes, making the net cost to the donor only $300. CSP is distributing $1 million in awards for childcare and early childhood development projects, specifically for services to those under the age of five.

This year, 26 of the requested 55 projects, constituting 47% of the total funds requested, received CSP funding. 

Area organizations to receive funding include:

Finney County:  High Plains Housing Development Corporation - Initial startup funding for the construction of 3-D printed homes.  This is a first in Kansas according to officials.

Greeley County: Greeley County Health Services, Inc. - Funding for the G+Kids project, an initiative designed to meet the childcare needs of Greeley County Health Services employees and other local residents.

Seward County:  Kismet Public Library Foundation:  Establishment of a community safe room for public use during severe weather events.

“When it comes to economic and community development, quality of life has to be a priority,” Lieutenant Governor and Commerce Secretary David Toland said. “Helping to ensure that people have the amenities they need in their communities is one of the best ways to maintain a growing, vibrant, stable economy with a motivated and driven workforce. Programs like CSP are a great way to help achieve this outcome for our state.”

To learn more, visit the Community Development page at the Kansas Commerce website.