Hitz to retire from City finance director position

City release

City of Garden City Finance Director Melinda Hitz has announced she will be retiring in October after serving in this position for over 30 years. 

Hitz started her career with the accounting firm of Lewis, Hooper & Dick and served for several years on the City auditing team before transitioning to become the City’s first Finance Director in 1991.

“The City of Garden City has only had three City Managers, and I’ve had the privilege to work with all three. I enjoyed working as the City Auditor while Deane Wiley was in administration. I was hired in 1991 by then-City Manager Bob Halloran as the finance director, and I’m ending my tenure while working with current City Manager Matt Allen,” Hitz said.

“As a CPA, I strived to provide excellence in financial reporting. It was my goal from day one to implement all Governmental Accounting Standards so that the City could be recognized by the Government Finance Officers Association with the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. This certificate is the highest award a governmental entity can receive. I am proud to say the City of Garden City has achieved this honor for 25 years. I want to recognize the City’s Service & Finance staff, who are top-notch. It has been a pleasure to have worked so many years together and serve the public well,” Hitz added.

City Manager Matt Allen gave high praise to Hitz, saying, “Melinda is highly regarded in the world of public finance and accounting. She has received state and national recognition for her outstanding work and the City’s financial health and disciplined practices are in large part due to her counsel over three decades.” Her contributions to the organization don’t stop there. “What I will miss most about Melinda is her contribution to the Senior Management Team discussions. When we talk about operational changes internally or major public and private projects externally, she brings creative solutions and insight to the discussion. That leadership and teamwork mentality has helped this community accomplish big things during her tenure,” Allen said.