No Aug. 3 primary election for Finney County

Meghan Flynn
Garden City Telegram
A group of local residents cast their ballots in a Ward held at the Presbyterian Church in November 2020 during the general election. There will be no August primary election in Finney County.

June 1 was the candidate filing deadline for the 2021 municipal elections. 

Dori Munyan, Finney County Clerk, said the county will not have an Aug. 3 primary, but will have a Nov. 2 general election. 

"There's a rule for municipal elections that there will not be a primary unless there are more than three times the number of positions available for a particular race," she said. "We didn't meet that threshold, so we will not have an August primary, so all of these offices will be elected in November, that would be Nov. 2."

While there will not be a primary on Aug. 3 there will be a special election that day for a special question asking to extend the county-wide 1/4 cent sales tax. It is not a sales tax increase.

The sales tax was originally presented to voters in 1995 and was designed to maintain and improve infrastructure and to provide some property tax stabilization. It's paid by all who shop in Finney County.

It was extended in 1997 and again in 2014. It's up for renewal in 2022 for another 15 years. 

The last day to register to vote in August is July 13. 

Advanced voting by mail begins July 14 and in-person advance voting begins July 19. 

Advance voting ends Aug. 2 at noon. 

Offices up for election in November include: Garden City City Commission, Holcomb City Council, Garden City Community College Board of Trustees, USD 457 Garden City Board of Education, USD 363 Holcomb Board of Education Member for District 1/4 and USD 363 Board of Education Member for District 3/6. 

Garden City City Commissioner candidates: Deborah Oyler, Manny Ortiz and Troy Unruh

Holcomb City Council: Edna Conley, Ronals Schreibvogel and Sam Mesa 

GCCC Board of Trustees: Blake Wasinger, Leonard Hitz, Merilyn Douglass, Mark Douglass, Mark Hinde and Robert Larson

USD 457 Board of Education: Lara Bors, Alex Wallace, Isidro Marino, Jacqueline Gigot, John Wiese and Kami McDonald 

USD 363 Board of Education District 1/4: Jill George

USD 363 Board of Education District 3/6: Matthew Jones