Finney County Commission to hear budget requests Monday

Meghan Flynn
Garden City Telegram
The Finney County Administrative Center is located in the 300 block of North Ninth Street.

Organizations from outside the county government will present budget requests for 2022 to the Finney County Commission on Monday. 

Many of the organizations present budget requests to the County Commission annually. 

Robert Reece, Finney County Administrator, said the county is required by statutes to fund many of the organizations as they provide services they are required to fund within the county-wide community, but it's up to the Board of County Commissioners to establish that level of funding.

"It also gives the Commission an opportunity to review the service impact that they've have to our community, the number of clienteles and so on and so forth," he said. "In essence then makes sure that we are to the best of our ability trying to provide some needed services to those individuals that request those services." 

Other funding for outside agencies may not be required, but they are allowed, Reece said. For example the Finney County Economic Development Corporation and the Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

"Those are things that help generate overall revenues not necessarily for the county government but for businesses and things of that nature in Finney County," he said. "It's in effort to try to bolster some economic development within Finney County."

Annual presentations are a way to provide accountability and updates on the progress of initiatives organizations may be doing, Reece said. However, Commissioners and county staff don't only get updated once a year, many times Commissioners and staff sit on the boards of these organizations on a monthly basis. A budget request presentation just formalizes that process. 

Community organizations presenting budget requests on Monday include: Russel Child Development Center, Southwest Developmental Services, Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center, Finney County Conservation District, Finney County Economic Development Corporation, Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Finney County Fair Board.

If the county approves the requests, they won't be formally approved, Reece said. They county will accept their request which will then be incorporated into the overall, county-wide budget document, which is still in development.

"It will continue to develop probably for about the next three weeks and we'll hopefully have a full-blown budget document to (present) to the Board of County Commissioners by July 1," he said.