Rock receives $10,000 scholarship through WKCF

By The Telegram staff

Mia Rock, a graduate from Ulysses High School, is the recipient of a $10,000 scholarship from the Anna and May Rosel Fund held at the Western Kansas Community Foundation (WKCF).

The scholarship award was announced during a Zoom meeting on May 25.  It is the largest scholarship WKCF has awarded in its 25-year history.

While in high school, Rock completed 41 college credits. She now plans to double major in forensic chemistry and forensic biology in just four years. Because of her family’s financial situation, she is ineligible for any grants through the government, and relying on her personal savings and scholarships to pay her way through college. Her long-term goal is running her own lab. 

“I’d just like to say that I appreciate community organizations like this...Thank you so much,” Rock said upon receiving the award.  

The WKCF established the Anna and May Rosel Scholarship Fund in 2018 with a $1.8Mil gift from the Rosel trust. 

“The donors left no other stipulation than to help educate graduates from a Grant County high school”, says Stacie Hahn, WKCF’s Program & Marketing Director. “After three years of making investment earnings, we were able to make a significant distribution. Mia Rock is our first applicant for this scholarship, and a well deserving one. We hope that this award will set an example for other students from Ulysses in the coming years,” Hahn adds.  

While most scholarships held at the WKCF are handled by educational institutions based on guidelines left by the donors, others are directly reviewed by the community foundation board. Of these, the following awards were made:

-  Anna and May Rosel Scholarship - $10,000 to Mia Rock, Ulysses.

-  Charles Helfrich Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 to Ethan Salmans,  Montezuma.

-  D&L Hewes Scholarship - $1,000 to Cole Lehman, Garden City; $1,000 to Maria Dechant, Cimarron; and $1,000 to Ethan Salmans, Montezuma.

-  Garret Doll Memorial Scholarship - $500 to Connor Cupp, Scott City.

-  Norbert Kevin Irsik Memorial Scholarship - $2,500 to Rae Groth, Hutchinson; $2,500 to Eric Heiman, Garden City; $2,500 to Janelyn Nichols, Dodge City; $2,500 to Dakotah Sanders, Inman; and $2,500 to Angela Soltero, Garden City.

-  Ron Peek Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 to Tylee Biera, Garden City; and $1,000 to Alexis Heckel, Garden City. 

The next scholarship deadline is May 1, 2022.  

To learn more about the application process visit the WKCF website at, call at 620-271-9484 or stop by the office at 402 N. Main St. in downtown Garden City.