County Treasurer: Property taxes due Monday

By The News staff

Reno County Treasurer Brenda Kowitz reminds property owners that payment on the second half of property taxes is due by May 10.

The treasurer's office mails out tax statements to the owner of record for a property on or after Nov. 1 each year. The taxes can be paid in two parts, in December and May.

The county no longer sends out a written reminder of the second half payment, however, and it is up to the taxpayer to remember to make the payment.

If not paid by the due dates, a variable interest penalty compounded daily will accrue until the taxes are paid.

The county used to send out reminders in May, but the expense was not cost-beneficial, even using a postcard, Kowitz said.

“I think we’re pretty much on schedule,” the treasurer said, with about 70% of 2020 property taxes received as of Tuesday.

Kowitz also reminded taxpayers to put a phone number on the check, in case there are issues.