Jennie Barker Road project moving along

Meghan Flynn
Garden City Telegram
Motorists make their way along Farmland Road between Mansfield Road and U.S. Highway 50. Farmland Road is one of the projects in the county moving along in the renovation process.

County road projects are moving along.

Roger Calkins, Finney County Public Works director, gave an update on two road improvement projects at Monday's regular Finney County Commission meeting.

The two road projects are Jennie Barker Road and Farmland Road.

Calkins said the biggest update on Jennie Barker is that traffic has been set loose on the southbound lane.

"(The contractors) got a lot done, they'll be going in to finish up curb, guttering, entrances and whatnot before they do the main line on the other side, which would be the northbound lane," he said. "Recent rains showed us areas where we had some erosion issues, so we went from the grass to the blankets, we installed blankets in those areas, mainly around some culvert ends and things like that."

The biggest item moving forward is shutting down the Schulman Ave. and Jennie Barker Rd. crossing, Calkins said. The whole intersection will have to be shut down, so it'll effect a large area.

"When we replace that, that intersection's going to be out of commission for about 20 days," he said. "It's going to be quite an inconvenience to the local people there, but it'll be well worth it when this is all finished."

Improvements to Jennie Barker Rd. are expected to be complete in July. Everything is on schedule.

Bids have went out for the Farmland Rd. project, Calkins said. Bids are expected to be back by 2 p.m. on June 23.

"The city of Garden City is administering this project, we will be helping them when we can on certain items," he said.

The project's engineers, Wilson & Company, will be utilizing the county's Public Works lab for testing of materials and whatnot, Calkins said.

"This will be a good opportunity for our engineering technicians to get a little more hands-on on some large projects, so it'll be a good learning experience for them also," he said.

Calkins also discussed improvements to Parallel Road, which is rebuilding and paving the last section of road that wasn't blacktop.

It's been quite an undertaking, Calkins said, but they have been able to speed up the process dramatically by purchasing dirt locally.

"We're building the road a little bit different from the bottom up, adding a little more rock as we come up to help stabilize the base even more," he said. "As we get closer we're throwing in some millings and dirt. We're not making it as much as we did on 6 Mile Road, that thick of millings and dirt, we're just adding a little bit more in there."

In other business the county approved the purchase of a Hot Patch machine, to fill-in potholes, for a total of $217,030.70.