Garden Rapids to get a new splash pad

Meghan Flynn
Garden City Telegram
Children get soaked with water while playing on the various features of the spray park at the Big Pool during a past summer. The area will be renovated for use with Garden Rapids.

The splash pad at Garden Rapids at the Big Pool needs replacing.

Aaron Stewart, Garden City Parks and Recreation director, informed the Garden City Commission about deficiencies in the electrical, point-to-point ground of the splash pad, from the original Big Pool, which leads to the potential for electric shock on Tuesday at the commission meeting.

"Unfortunately we can't keep the existing splash pad," he said.

The Commission approved the construction of a new splash pad at their regular meeting Tuesday.

It's expected to cost $330,000, with the Finnup Foundation providing a total of $230,000 in grant funds for the project and the city paying the remaining portion of  $100,000, which was found from electrical work cost savings on the aquatic park.

Todd Dumler, project manager with McCownGordon, said the problem was found while the project electrician was trying to connect the existing splash pad's electric system with the new aquatic park's. 

It was discovered that the point-to-point ground tests did not meet the standard set by The National Electric Code, so an outside electrical firm was brought in to do further testing and confirmed the results, Dumler said.

"It posed a potential risk for the city," he said. "Unfortunately it looks like the best course of action is to remove it."

In general the new splash pad will be in the same area, just not the exact same spot, Dumler said. They're working with the design teams to decide where the best spot to place it will be.

Construction of the new splash pad will not be complete by the time of the pool's grand opening on May 29, Dumler said. It will probably be done around mid-August due to lead times on play feature items, embedded concrete items and fabrication of materials.

Stewart said even though it won't be done until around mid-August, the splash pad can actually be run longer than the pool.

"The opportunity for use, especially with the way our falls are, we wouldn't necessarily shut that down at the same timeline as the pool," he said. "You could easily run that to November sometimes."