Tyson seeks to help employees save on prescription drug costs

Garden City Telegram

Tyson Foods, Inc. partners with Rx Savings Solutions to help employees and their families save money on prescription drugs.

The partnership will provide a free, confidential online tool that gives employees and their covered dependents ways to pay less for the medications covered through the company's health plan.

The software examines an employees medications and finds lower-cost options to treat the same conditions. The savings can be generic, less expensive forms of a name-brand drug or various options based on prescriptions taken.

The personalized recommendations are communicated via email, text message, app notification, phone or direct mail to all employees who opt into the program. Additionally there is an online "search for medication" tool available to find savings suggestion for any drug a doctor prescribes.

Interpreter and translation assistance will be available to Tyson foods' 120,000 employees when the program rolls out this month.