GCCC to offer in-person classroom option in fall

Garden City Telegram

Garden City Community College will remove social distancing protocols from face-to-face classrooms starting in the fall 2021-22 semester. 

Marc Malone, Vice President for Instructional Services, noted “Our priority has always been the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and the larger Garden City community. We will continue to prioritize this because it’s what keeps classrooms open for quality student learning. Because we have many reasons to hope the situation with the COVID-19 virus will continue to improve through the spring and summer, we are excited to be able to bring classrooms of students together, in-person, at the same time for traditional face-to-face classes.”

Students will be able to choose from three class delivery options: Buster Classic (traditional in person), Buster Stream (100% video distance), and Buster Online (traditional online). Malone said: “We’ve done our best to listen to student feedback. Some students thrive in a Zoom-enabled class. Many students don’t. So we are keeping Zoom-enabled courses as an option into the future.”

At this time, all current health and safety measures, including masks, will still be required on campus. Students and staff will continue to complete daily COVID-19 symptom checks, buildings and classrooms will continue to undergo enhanced cleaning and sanitization, and students will continue to have access to physical and mental health resources on-campus.

GCCC will continue to evaluate these measures regularly according to Malone, “We will continue to monitor the local and regional context of the virus as time progresses, coordinating closely with the local Health Department. If case counts start trending toward an unsafe threshold, we have the ability to move quickly toward social distancing if we need to.”

For additional information about our COVID-19 Plan, visit GCCC’s website: https://www.gcccks.edu/covid-19/default.aspx

Visit https://www.gcccks.edu/admissions/admission_app_landing.aspx to apply for admission or contact Admissions Office at 620-276-9608 to get started today. Enrollment for the fall 2021-22 semester begins April 30.