Lane County Hospital partners with HPM

Garden City Telegram

DIGHTON - Lane County Hospital, a 25-bed critical-access hospital that provides acute-care/in-patient facilities, has announced it has added Holistic Pain Management (HPM) to its list of patient services. 

With a focus on non-opioid chronic pain treatment, HPM is able to expand our pain management program with an array of 40 new procedures not previously available (or easily accessible) at Lane County Hospital and surrounding areas.

“We are excited to partner with Holistic Pain Management to bring these services to Lane County. I believe their priority on building relationships with patients first will be very well-received in our community,” Jennifer Whipple, CEO/Administrator said.

"Holistic Pain Management is honored to have the opportunity to serve the Lane county community. We are excited to join the hospital team and work together to improve function in patients with chronic pain,” Ryan Shedd, CEO, Holistic Pain Management said.

For more information, contact Lane County Medical Clinic or call 620-397-5316.