Rep. Mann visits Garden City

Meghan Flynn
Garden City Telegram
U.S. Rep. Tracy Mann, right, meets with local leaders Wednesday at the Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce office.

U.S. Rep. Tracey Mann, R-Kansas, on Wednesday visited Garden City and spoke with local leaders.

Mann said he came to Garden City to hear how everything is going at a local level from community leaders.

In attendance was: Ryan Ruda, Garden City Community College president; Hunter Carson, of High Plains Housing Development; Rachelle Powell, Garden City Regional Airport director; Roy Cessna, on behalf of the Garden City Commission as a commissioner and current Garden City mayor; Mike Utz, Garden City Police Department chief; Kevin Bascue, Finney County Sheriff; Steve Karlin, Unified School District 457 superintendent; William Clifford, Finney County commissioner; Robert Reece, Finney County administrator; Myca Bunch, Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce director; Jeff Carrier, St. Catherine Hospital CEO; and Lona DuVall, Finney County Economic Development Corporation president/CEO.

Mann also gave an update on his past six weeks in office.

Since he was sworn in on Jan. 3, Mann said he has hit the ground running.

"We have our team in place and I got on the Ag Committee, which is the most important thing for me by far, and also on the Veterans Affairs Committee, so we're doing well and we have a lot of work in front of us," he said.

Mann said it was important to get on the Ag Committee, as agriculture is Kansas' biggest economic driver.

"The Big 1st of Kansas, we're the number three ag-producing district in the country," he said. "We're number one for beef, we're number one for wheat and we're number one for sorghum. It's just incredibly important to the overall industry of our communities."

Mann said in this session he is looking forward to working on agriculture and trade.

"Ag trade is a big deal, we see higher prices with China buying more of our products, we got to make sure that continues and we got to make sure that we have good crop insurance and risk management tools in place for our producers," he said. "But to me, it's all about trade, we got to keep our existing trade and expand the relationships."

He said the biggest challenge since taking office has been pushing back on executive orders signed by President Joe Biden.

"I've just been really disappointed with some of the things that we've seen, executive orders that have been issued," he said.