Immigrant Connection, Inc. receives Tyson Foods grant

Garden City Telegram

Immigrant Connection, Inc. has announced a grant of $89,250 from Tyson Foods for immigration legal services for the company’s team members and their families.  

This investment will allow Immigrant Connection, Inc. to provide services such as legal counseling and naturalization assistance to Tyson Foods team members and their families. Immigrant Connection aims to prevent immigration-related disruptions in employment at Tyson Foods through a regular presence on their Holcomb campus.

“Our Immigrant Connection team is thrilled to partner with Tyson Foods to serve immigrant communities in and around Garden City, KS,” said Jim Wood, Executive Director, Immigrant Connection, Inc. “This grant funding will give us new opportunities to connect with Tyson team members and their families, allowing us to offer more services at lower cost. Together with Tyson, we look forward to continuing to cultivate a welcoming environment throughout Finney County for our immigrant and refugee families.”

Additionally, this investment from Tyson Foods will allow for 75 Tyson Foods team members over the next 18 months to complete the naturalization process at no cost. These individuals will be identified through on-site consultations and local outreach. In addition to covering the legal fees for Tyson Foods team members pursuing naturalization, the grant will also enable Tyson Foods team members to receive free consultations. 

“I have many conversations with our team members looking for help with their immigration issues. We are located in southwest Kansas, with the nearest immigration office four hours away. Having a group such as Immigrant Connections in our community is a great resource for our team members,” said Pat Sanders, Community Liaison, Finney County plant. “Immigrant Connections demonstrates a strong commitment to bring programs to our team members that will assist in their immigration issues and path to citizenship. This partnership between Tyson Foods and Immigrant Connections continues our dedication to foster programs that will uplift our team members and the community.”

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