Board of Education retreat beneficial to governance

Meghan Flynn
Garden City Telegram

The Garden City Unified School District 457 Board of Education held board retreat Tuesday, where Brian Jordan, with the Kansas Association of School Boards, gave a presentation.

Jordan's presentation focused on five topics including the personal, board and public values of the board; the board's governance system, including its responsibilities, unity, role, culture, structure and individual attitude; health and unhealthy board culture; types of boards; and the four keys to influence others – organizational intelligence, team promotion, trust building and leveraging networks.

Lara Bors, board president, said it was her idea to bring Jordan out to give the presentation as the BOE is a member of the KASB and she is the Region 10 vice president, so she works with Jordan a lot.

It was a great presentation and brought about good discussion between the board members, Bors said, especially in regard to board governance and how it can be fine-tuned, as well as just a refresher course on governance itself.

"It's good just to have that refresher and making sure ... that we're using our time wisely," she said.

Additionally, the presentation reminded the board that every topic is important, Bors said.

"We're looking at important data, it's not just the COVID stuff and we're not just dealing with fires that we have to put out, it's still important to handle those things that may not necessarily be seen as ... super time-critical, too," she said. "(For example) building presentations may not be time sensitive, but they're still important to hear about, because we want to see what's going on in our buildings ... and it's good to hear from them, too."

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