Robotics team places at competition

Staff Writer
Garden City Telegram

Garden City High School recently competed in the annual BEST robotics competition. This year’s competition format was different than in previous years due to COVID.

This year the focus was on designing and programming a virtual robot to compete on a virtual game field. The robot was tasked with identifying, separating, and moving cells infected with a virus from those not infected. There was also a vaccine game element which the robot was asked to find in order to cure the infected cells.

Points were scored by correctly identifying and vaccinating infected cells and protecting the ones that were not infected. There were also a few mote challenges thrown in, such as designing a COVID response center in Minecraft, and skills online skills quizzes which tested students understanding of math and robotics compared to other teams.

The team took five awards this year including first place in Minecraft Challenge; Skills Quizzes; Engineering Notebook; and Virtual Robot Time Trials. The team also took second place in the Autonomous Time Trials.