GCCC approves HVAC system update

The Telegram Staff

A purchasing agreement was approved to begin updating Garden City Community College’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at GCCC’s Board of Trustees regular meeting Tuesday.

GCCC president Ryan Ruda said the updated HVAC system will regulate all of the colleges buildings.

“It essentially will control the boilers; the HVAC system and will also serve as a monitoring component,” he said.

The agreement was made with C&C Group for a cost of $68,160, which is funded by the 2020 CARES Act.

The update begins the process of moving the remainder of GCCC campus to the updated control and monitoring system, which is already in use for the Administration, SCSC, ACAD and Fouse buildings.

It will also include a Schneider Electric Automation Server to provide a basic HVAC graphics package for the Energy Center.

Derek Ramos, Dean of Facilities, said the package allows remote access to see what the temperature is in different areas of campus.

“If the system isn’t working, it will send us an alarm,” he said. “Right now, we are not getting alerts and have to come in during breaks to check the system.”

Additionally the upgrades will add two new 40 horsepower variable frequency drives and two energy meters allowing maintenance staff to monitor and load on the system in real time.