Trump refuses to allow transition to start

Dave Goldiner New York Daily News (TNS)

President Donald Trump's White House is refusing to take any steps to allow the transition to President-elect Joe Biden, and he is giving no sign of accepting defeat in the election.

An obscure Trump appointee who leads the General Services Administration won't issue a letter needed to start the official transition process even after Biden was declared the winner over the weekend.

A spokeswoman for the GSA echoed Trump's spurious claim that the presidential election remains undecided, even though Biden has unassailable leads in more than enough states to win the White House.

GSA Administrator Emily Murphy, a Trump political appointee, has offered no indication when or if she plans to issue the letter.

The GSA letter would give Biden's transition team access to millions in federal funding for salaries and travel, along with seemingly minor things like dot-gov email addresses.

It would also amount to a bureaucratic nod to the reality of Biden's win over Trump.

Trump continues to falsely assert that he won and claims he will pursue legal challenges and recounts in several states.

He has refused to concede to Biden and is reportedly considering launching a new campaign of #MAGA rallies to highlight his claims of election fraud.

Legal experts scoff at those claims, which Trump acolyte Rudy Giuliani touted at a bizarre news conference outside a Philadelphia landscaping company.

Both Democratic and Republican election officials say there is no evidence of any irregularities, let alone the kind of widespread issues that could shift the results.

Biden is moving ahead with his transition despite Trump's intransigence. He has named a coronavirus task force and planned to address the nation Monday.

It's unclear how big an impact Trump's actions will have on the Biden transition.