Reviewing the plans for a new fire station

Meghan Flynn
A motorist makes their way from Schulman Avenue on to Jennie Barker Road. The open lot at the intersection is the proposed site of a new fire station on the east side of Garden City.

The Garden City Commission, Holcomb City Commission and Finney County Commission were updated on the status and plans for a new fire station at a joint meeting Tuesday.

Garden City Fire Department chief Bill Beaty said the project has been in the works for about 20 years and they have finally decided to identify a rough date for the station to open in 2024.

In order to meet that date, steps have to start being taken now as the project has an estimated 18-24 month construction window, Beaty said.

A design for the building was drafted in 2001, and because it’s been so long since the plans were looked at, Beaty wants to conduct a full review of the project.

“A lot has changed in the emergency services in 20 years, not least to which is fire station design itself,” he said. “We've talked to the architect about that ... and we just believe that the best thing for us to do is review the entire project now.”

In creating a new design Beaty, EMS director Skylar Swords and Finney County Administrator Robert Reece and the architects plan to visit newly built fire station in Hutchinson, Winfield, Derby and the Sedgwick County Fire Department.

Also in the plans it to re-evaluate the planned location at the northwest corner of Jennie Barker Road and Schulman Avenue. The land was purchased in 2000.

Beaty said he want to make sure they do their due diligence and proceeding properly with the project.

“The Fire Department had a fire station location study done in 2014, they kind of backed up that location, but that's already been six, almost seven years ago,” he said. “The project's been thought about, talked about for 20 years, and knowing that this is a 50-60 plus year commitment, we believe it's time to make sure that we are looking at all aspects of this for going forward.”