IRS adds Spanish to available tax forms

Staff Writer
Garden City Telegram

WASHINGTON — As part of a larger effort to reach underserved communities, the Internal Revenue Service is taking a number of aggressive steps to expand information and assistance available to taxpayers in additional languages, including providing the Form 1040 in Spanish for the first time.

In addition to being available in English and Spanish, the 2020 Form 1040 will also give taxpayers the opportunity to indicate whether they wish to be contacted in a language other than English. This is a new feature available for the first time this coming filing season.

As part of this expansion, many of the pages on the site are now available in seven languages and basic tax information is newly available in 20 languages on It also means that taxpayers who interact with an IRS representative now have access to over the phone interpreter services in more than 350 languages. The IRS has also recently begun inserting information about translation services and other multilingual options into the high-volume notices that IRS sends out to taxpayers.

While the IRS has long provided some assistance in Spanish and some other languages, the agency is increasing the materials available in multiple languages and expanding outreach with multilingual community partners. Most recently, the IRS worked with partners in the tax and low-income communities and provided them with information and resources that they quickly translated and made available in an unprecedented 35 languages, promoting the Economic Impact Payments. The IRS plans to continue this effort on other agency priorities, including the 2021 filing season. The agency has also been increasing its multilingual outreach on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms during the past 18 months.

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