City moves forward with road, streetscape project

Meghan Flynn
A motorist makes their way south on Eighth Street at Pine Street. The city is moving forward on a project to repave the street from Pine Street north and add streetscape to the area.

A budget was approved for the the Eighth Street Corridor and Streetscape Reconstruction project at the Garden City Commission’s regular meeting Tuesday.

The project began in 2017 and is expected to cost $2.9 million, with a city construction cost match of up to $1.6 million to be provided to the Kansas Department of Transportation.

The base project scope includes:

• Switching water meters to a newer existing water waterline and abandoning the old one.

• Reconstructing the road on Eighth Street to St. John Street to Buffalo Jones Avenue.

• New streetscaping and landscaping on both sides of the street from Stevens Avenue to Buffalo Jones Avenue.

• Realignment of the Eighth Street and Stevens Avenue intersection.

• Angle parking on the east side of the road south of Stevens Avenue intersection at the bakery.

• Decorative lighting from St. John Street to Buffalo Jones Avenue.

An additive to the project includes new landscaping and streetscaping on both sides of the road south of Stevens Avenue to St. John Street and angle parking on the west side of Eighth Street at Brethren Church.

Interim director of Public Works Andy Liebelt said the budget was brought back before the commission for approval so it can be sent to the KDOT “for the purpose of awarding or rejecting the project additive.”

KDOT requested that the figure be provided to them before the project is open for bids on Sept. 16, Liebelt said. It helps KDOT determine if they send the city the cost-share funds for both the base project and the additive or just the base project.

“KDOT will decide based on the city's construction cost-match figure of the $1.6 million plus if the additive bid will be included in the project,” he said. “We still have the ability to accept or reject that, but on the same token we wanted the number to be somewhere where we're willing to be, because that's what they're going to send us, so we don't have the ability to back off from that, we would just be canceling the project.”