Lawsuit filed against Scott City mayor, city

Meghan Flynn
A lawsuit has been filed against the Scott City mayor and the city.

SCOTT CITY — A lawsuit was filed on May 18 against Scott City mayor Everett Green in his capacity as mayor and as an individual and against the City of Scott City by Tracy Chambless, of Scott City.

The lawsuit alleges that Green violated Chambless’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights to free speech, petitioning and associated rights.

It alleges Green, in his use and administration of the Scott City News Facebook page, removed public comments that were “critical of the City and its agencies, and to otherwise control the public discourse on topics of public concern such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the government’s response thereto.”

In essence, the lawsuit states that the mayor and city deleted posts from citizens that they felt were “wrong” regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and deleted posts that were critical of public matters such as police response.

The lawsuit states that Green, after receiving a text message from Scott City Police Chief David Post, removed posts critical of the police’s response to a nonphysical domestic disturbance involving a family member of Chambless at the request of Post.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Green and the city have barred citizens from participating in city council meetings and to petition the government by enacting a policy that requires a citizen to file “written complaints” and then appear in person if they “wish to be heard by the city.”

The lawsuit states that these are acts of government censorship and have “consistently been held by courts to be a violation of constitutional rights.”

Green said the allegations are not correct.

“I personally don't believe the assertions made in the lawsuit are entirely accurate,” he said. “I look forward to this matter being resolved by our attorneys.”

Attempts were made by the Garden City Telegram to contact the Jackson Legal Group for a statement but were unsuccessful.