Steve Quakenbush

We work year-round here at the Finney County Historical Society in carrying out our mission of preserving the past to enlighten the future, and the present year has brought a series of historic challenges for us, and for everyone else as well.

We’re certainly grateful for the gifts and grants that have come to us over the past few months from the hands and hearts of so many individuals, families and organizations. These have helped in weathering the perfect storm of health and fiscal crises that have struck in 2020.

With this assistance, plus a lot of adaptation, we’ve been able to continue offering Finney County Historical Museum exhibits; providing research services; preserving historical artifacts, records and photographs; and carrying out our educational endeavors. We’ve also been able to go ahead and conduct some of our annual events and activities for the community- those that could be staged with COVID safety protocols.


As we move toward the end of a year that all of us will remember, we’re proud to say that the FCHS remains a small but hard-working non-profit organization, with an important role in maintaining the heritage of our community and the legacy left by past generations. By necessity, we’re also still engaged in raising the funds it takes to operate the museum and press on with our endeavors.

Because of that, we’re now doing what we do each November - launching our annual Year-End Giving Campaign. Consequently, if you’re among those considering charitable contributions as 2020 concludes, we hope you’ll remember the Finney County Historical Society.

There are actually three available options: (1) Direct gifts to our organization, with your check made out to the FCHS; (2) Gifts through Match Day at the Western Kansas Community Foundation, which you can make online Nov. 15-Dec. 1; and (3) Match Day gifts by mail, with checks made out to the WKCF, and mailed either to the FCHS or the WKCF.

Each tax deductible option directly benefits the historical society’s budget; and the Match Day options also generate proportionate matching dollars for our endowed fund at the WKCF, providing enhanced resources to meet long-term needs. Admittedly, Match Day makes our campaign more complicated, but it provides the potential to benefit the historical society - or any of the other three dozen participating non-profit organizations - to a greater extent. We’re proud to earn your support no matter how you choose to provide it.


It’s important to note that all direct or Match Day gifts will be acknowledged for federal and state tax filing purposes. Here is an explanation on each giving option:


If you prefer giving directly, it’s as simple as making out a check to the FCHS, and sending it to the Finney County Historical Society, PO Box 796, Garden City, Kansas, 67846. Checks may be dated and postmarked anytime prior to Dec. 31.


If you want to multiply your support through Match Day, then you’re invited to visit the Match Day website between Nov. 15 and Dec. 1: www.matchday.wkcf.org. You can use a credit or debit card on this secure website, or make an ACH (Automated Clearing House) donation. Online processing fees, by the way, will be paid by the foundation. If you’re donating to our organization, then you’ll want to designate the Finney County Historical Society as the beneficiary. You may also select one or more of the other eligible non-profit groups that are participating.


The WKCF is encouraging online donations, due to the pandemic, but you can also donate through Match Day by mailing a check. Your check, in that case, should be made out to the Western Kansas Community Foundation or WKCF, and it should include “Finney County Historical Society” on the memo line. It must be dated and postmarked between Nov. 15 and Dec. 1, and you can mail it to the Finney County Historical Society, PO Box 796, or the Western Kansas Community Foundation, 402 N. Main Street. Both addresses, of course, are in Garden City, KS, 67846.

Gifts of $20 to $2,000, made through the WKCF as part of Match Day, will boost your support at no cost to you, since the foundation will match each contribution to us, or to any of the other participating charity organizations you select. Your full gift will be passed on to us, or any other agency of your choice, and the matching dollars will be deposited in the WKCF endowed fund of the receiving agency. Contributions will be matched proportionately, based on the total funds raised for all the involved organizations.

We sincerely hope you’ll decide to involve yourself in our campaign, whether you do so directly or through Match Day. That can help in making 2020 a year to remember not only for challenge and adversity, but also for strength, adaptation and triumph.

Steve Quakenbush is the executive director of the Finney County Historical Society. He can be contacted at HYPERLINK "mailto:squakenbush@finneycounty.org" or at squakenbush@finneycounty.org .