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Dear Heloise: I have a plastic compost bucket in my kitchen. We dump all vegetable and fruit discards in it and then dump it in the green bin for the city to compost. I tossed my old one because I couldn't get the interior clean. I bought a new one and have faithfully cleaned it, but now stuff is stuck in it. Any hints? - Tina in California

Tina, a simple solution would be to line the bucket with a 4-gallon bag used for small bathroom trash cans, or if your bucket is larger, try a plastic grocery bag. - Heloise


Dear Heloise: I like to keep my sheet sets together, so this is what I do: I fold the bottom sheet, fold the top sheet and one pillowcase, then put all the folded items inside the second pillowcase. It's easier to store and everything stays together. - Hailey in Oregon



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Dear Heloise: For years my plastic bowls and cups took on some nasty odors from items stored in them. Instead of using those to store most foods, I now use freezer bags with tight-locking closures. I lay them flat in my freezer. I can stack them, so it saves room in the freezer. - Pat in Texas


Dear Heloise: Our son wants us to add his name to the deed to our home. He says it just makes sense since someday he'll inherit our home. We have a lovely place on five acres of land. I'm resisting, but my husband thinks it might be a good idea. - Carl and Sonja in Wisconsin

Carl and Sonja, first, never make a decision of this kind without seeking legal advice. Once your son's name is on the property, he can't be removed without his consent. Your son would then be part owner and could take out a loan on the property or, depending on the laws in your state, sell his part of it. Think carefully about this matter before considering adding anyone to a deed. - Heloise


Dear Heloise: I use a glue gun for crafts, but I have scars from where I've burned myself, so now I use a popsicle stick to push things in place. I put down a line of glue then fold over edges and press with the stick. No more burned fingertips. - Ruby in Montana


Dear Heloise: I love fresh ginger in my tea, but the pieces of ginger dry up quickly. So, to keep them fresh, I now freeze the fresh ginger slices and only take out what I need. I also freeze lemon rinds (I use a potato peeler to make strips) to drop into my tea while it is brewing.

This time of year, I especially like to add a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg to my tea for an added treat. - Clarice in Montana

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