Horoscopes for August 26, 2020

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Today’s Birthday (08/26/20). This year favors romance, beauty and fun. Grow passion projects with steady practice and play. Collaborate to get farther. Summer community wins inspire you to make a romantic resolution. Navigate a professional challenge this winter, before home renovations nurture family comfort. Love is your magic potion.

To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.

Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is a 7 — Plan an educational escapade. Stick to practical options and destinations. Travel routes could have blockages or delays. Avoid expensive or risky ideas.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is a 7 — Don’t go along with plans if you don’t agree. Stand for your own interests, respectfully. Coordinate a stable budget with a backup to minimize risks.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) — Today is a 7 — Discuss bad news with your partner. Don’t argue over spilled milk. Support each other through a disappointment or change. Negotiate to refine plans.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Today is an 8 — Misinformation, delays and uncertainties affect your health and work plans. Study the latest news. Avoid hidden dangers. Rest and recharge. Maintain physical practices.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is a 7 — Let go of a romantic preconception. Fantasies dissolve upon inspection. Breakdowns could cause delays. Stick with simple fun in familiar surroundings. Prioritize family.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Today is a 7 — Home and family take priority. Postpone buying stuff you don’t need. Fantasies don’t match real life. Nurture each other and relax. Cook up something interesting.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Today is an 8 — Stay connected. Communication and transportation breakdowns delay or confuse. Monitor your accounts to coordinate the message. Sift data for facts. Share your observations.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — Today is a 7 — Don’t throw your money around. Aim for stability despite volatile conditions. Revelations alter the status quo. Prioritize practical expenses. Monitor the news. Maintain momentum.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is an 8 — Avoid a personal conflict of interests. Wait for developments before issuing public statements. Don’t believe everything you hear. You don’t have the full story.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is a 6 — Avoid risky propositions and anticipate breakdowns. Lay low to keep things simple. Privacy soothes and restores your energy. Review plans to conserve resources.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is an 8 — Community revelations shift the game. Stick to stable options. Inspire by example, despite uncertainty or doubt. Wait for better conditions to advance a shared goal.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 7 — A professional challenge has your attention. Don’t rely upon vague promises or ephemeral fantasies. Stick to reliable clients, markets and techniques, adapted for new circumstances.