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Dear Heloise: I'm a coupon clipper and use them frequently - when I remember to pick them up before leaving to get groceries. I'd either stick them in a pocket and forget to give them to the checker or would lose them. Then I had an idea: Tape the coupon to the item before putting it in the basket. Several checkers have commented on how this helps them. And, when I remember the tape and the coupons (ha!), I save a bit on groceries. - Doris R., Kerrville, Texas

Doris, how very organized you are! This is a really good hint, especially for those of us who are full of well intentions and a tiny bit forgetful. - Heloise


Dear Heloise: Yes, I'm a busy mom, but I always take time to organize the day for my kids. We have rules over the summer. Each kid has a few chores to do before they head outside: making the bed, cleaning the bathroom, picking up the living room, checking the trash.

They make their own lists of activities they'd like to do afterward: riding bikes, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, running through the sprinklers.

We also have educational things to do: museum runs, library story time, checking out the petting zoo. - Debra in Oregon

Debra, teaching your children to be organized and responsible then rewarding them with their favorite activities is a great life lesson. Thanks for sharing. - Heloise


Dear Heloise: Waxing beats shaving for hair removal for me because the entire hair is removed from the root, which means smoother skin for a longer period of time than if the hair is cut bluntly at the skin's surface. Before I go in for my treatment, my waxer suggests that I exfoliate the skin two days prior to waxing. Also, no tanning or sunbathing beforehand. And I'm supposed to not wear deodorant when my underarms are waxed. Afterward, I try to avoid touching the waxed areas.

Waxers are professionals. Find one who makes you feel comfortable, and it might be a good idea to take an aspirin or two before your treatment. - Melissa in Illinois


Dear Heloise: Here are a few helpful hints I thought I'd share:

- If I have food scraps, bones, onion peels or anything that could stink up my wastebasket, I put them in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer until trash collection day.

- I have a bagless vacuum cleaner, so when I empty it in my wastebasket, I wet a paper towel and put it on top of what I have emptied so the dust doesn't fly around.

- Instead of leaving my mouthwash bottle on the bathroom countertop, I purchased a salad dressing cruet (a small glass bottle) and filled it with my mouthwash and leave that on my counter instead. - Bill F., White Haven, Penn.

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