Patrick Murphy

I believe attitude goes a long way.

As we live through these trying, unique times, it can be difficult physically, mentally and emotionally.

Few of us who actually lived through the 1918 flu global pandemic are still around, so this is unchartered territory for most of us.

Quite a few people who lived through times of civil unrest - which Black people live through each and every day - are still around as we face it again.

It can be exhausting, and I understand when people say they don’t watch the news anymore (read a newspaper instead), and I understand people just want some respite from all of this.

Life is hard - no one ever said it wouldn’t be - and we do not get a time out during difficult times, anymore than we can make time freeze when times are good.

I once heard someone say you get through life by getting through it. To me that means you get up every day, get dressed and meet the world head-on, doing the best you can.

Some days your best is pretty darn good. Other days you’re best isn’t your best, and that’s OK.

So, maybe we just need to accept the world we’re in and do our best.

I have read and heard people complain about the pandemic, and the “hardships” they have endured by not being able to go to bars, restaurants or visit with family and friends.

I wonder what they would tell people who cannot be with a loved one while they take their last breath in this world.

I wonder if they would still feel life is unfair to them.

Attitude is everything.

Sometimes you just have to accept what life brings you.

There is a worldwide pandemic. Why it’s here, if officials were slow to react, finding a vaccine are all important, but it’s here, and no amount of complaining or anger is going to change that.

Want to try to control coronavirus as quickly as possible? Listen to the CDC guidelines. Behave responsibly, and we have a fighting chance not to spread it as rapidly.

As we have seen around the world, when large groups gather, the virus surges.

In the United States, some states are experiencing upticks in cases because restrictions were lifted and people raced full speed ahead to gather.

This is new to all of us, including the medical professionals, however, they have a better handle on it than the rest of us.

We can only control so much, and right now we cannot control the virus, but we can always control our attitude and actions.

Attitude goes a long way.

Patrick Murphy, editor-publisher of the Humphrey Democrat and Newman Grove Reporter in Nebraska, is a former assistant managing editor at The Telegram.