MURPHY'S LAW The happiness of becoming a grandparent

By Patrick Murphy

I’m going to be a grandpa.

This is one of the happiest sentences I have ever written. 

It’s right up there with writing about the birth of my children, their marriages and all of the wedding anniversaries I have celebrated.

Now, my son, Alek, and my daughter-in-law, Anna, are going to have their own little one.

I am equally proud to announce there will be no gender reveal. Nothing will be blown up, no one will get hurt or killed and nothing will start on fire.

On or around May 28, 2022, they will go to the hospital, and when Anna gives birth they will know whether it’s a boy or a girl, and sometime after that, the rest of the family will know.

I have been sitting on this information since we celebrated my wife, Kelly’s birthday in October.

My wife, however, has less control, and spread the word to a few people. 

The expectant couple made the official announcement last week, so now I can let the buttons on my shirt pop off.

Alek and Anna announced it to us with Kelly’s birthday present. 

Anna set a gift bag down on the end table next to her while she was opening a gift from our daughter, Claire, son-in-law, Trent and Alek and Anna.

Kelly didn’t know Anna set the bag down, and had to be told there is another gift to open.

She lifted a onesy from the bag and was initially stumped.

I immediately saw the onesie, which had a picture of Mickey Mouse ears on it and declared, “A New Pair of Ears is Coming Soon.”

My tears started to flow as I hugged Anna and Alek, and Kelly realized she had just received the best birthday gift ever.

I told my children some time ago the first gift will be a baseball glove, and I cannot wait to go shopping and then give the little one his or her first glove.

My wife has been “encouraging” our kids to start their families for some time, while I kept saying it’ll happen when they’re ready.

However, the last several months secretly I have been waiting impatiently for the announcement.

The more I thought about having a new life in the family the more excited I was getting, and now a little person is on the way.

I think about what that will be like, and all the joy children bring. It still makes me so happy when my children come home, and our house is full.

Now, we will have a new one joining the family who we get to spoil; we get to take to Disneyland; we get to see the world through their tiny eyes and remember how wonderful and magical the simplest things in life can be.

I’m going to be a grandpa.