MURPHY’S LAW Random thoughts from morning walks

By Patrick Murphy

On my morning walks, I get lost in my head. It gives me some quiet time to think about things going on in the world  — the big world and my little corner of it.

Here are a few random thoughts that I contemplate before the sun comes up.

• Going through airport security is like the walk of shame. I’m holding up my pants with one hand because I had to take off my belt. I’m carrying my shoes in the other hand, pulling my carry on, and just praying I can get to a seat to put on my belt before my pants drop.

• I have a love/hate relationship with mowing. I really don’t want to mow, especially after it’s been raining a few days and my grass has gotten out of hand, but I sure like the way the yard looks when I’m done.

• There’s nothing I enjoy more than when my little family is all together. We just finished a vacation together, and all I want to do is have us go away again together real soon.

• I missed my dogs when I was on vacation and wondered how they spent their days.

• I am constantly proud when I think of my kids as these little people and where they are now as adults. They grew up quickly and before my own eyes they have found their way in the world.

• I really wish I was one of those people who enjoys cooking. I am trying, but it is still more of a chore than actual enjoyment. Also, it’s a relief when it tastes good. I have some plant-based meatballs in the fridge that are destined for the trash can.

• In the last few months I have started to feel like I may actually be aging. Between the bursitis in my right knee and plantar fasciitis in left heel, I’m hobbling around.

• It’s still a little more than a year away, but I’m looking forward to turning 60. It’s a good, round number. My dad died at 61, so making it past that age has always been a goal, and I hope I make it way past that age. Better start embracing cooking if I want to make the goal.

• How can people live in town and not subscribe to the newspaper? Don’t they want to know what’s going on? Don’t they care?

• Early mornings are so peaceful and serene before the hectic pace of the day begins, it just feels good to have some calm.

• People who do not care about sports must curse a lot less and never have to worry about their blood pressure.

• People who do not care about sports miss out on a lot of great times.

• There is never a time listening to music doesn’t make me feel better.

• Am I ever going to be able to taste and smell like I used to? After a case of COVID in October, those senses have not fully returned. Maybe I don’t need to be a great cook after all, and wow, those meatballs must really taste bad if I’m throwing them out, and I can’t even completely taste them.

Patrick Murphy, editor-publisher of the Humphrey Democrat and Newman Grove Reporter in Nebraska, is a former assistant managing editor at The Telegram.