MURPHY'S LAW Ready for another trip for more Disney magic

By Patrick Murphy

It may be good to be home, but it’s better to be on vacation.

We’ve been back from our latest trip to Disney for a little more than a week, and I’m ready to go back.

This time we went to Disney World in Orlando, Fla., our first time there after five visits to Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.

We prefer Disneyland, and it’s not close.

I liked Disney World, we had a great time — we always do when we are all together — but it has a different feel than Disneyland.

It’s the difference between Florida and California, it’s the sizes of the parks, and it’s because we went to Disneyland first and the most and it just feels like “home.”

The biggest tangible difference is the size. You travel by bus, tram or boat from one of the resorts you are staying at to the various parks at Disney World. At the end of the day, after eight to 10 hours on your feet, it is back on the bus, tram or boat to get back to your resort. That meant getting back in another line that took as long as an hour to get us back to our resort.

At Disneyland, the parks are just a few feet out the back door of the resort. A quick start to the day, and more importantly, a quick jaunt back to the resort to rest up for the next day.

But the main reason we all prefer Disneyland is just a feeling; just our experience and preference.

Disneyland seems more like Disney to us. At Disney World, one park, Animal Kingdom, was fun, but didn’t “feel” like we were at Disney.

The rest of the parks certainly had that Disney magic, even if they weren’t “home.”

One place that really felt out of place was Universal Studios. There were a lot more people there, including the guy in line waiting to take the train to the Harry Potter park. Despite warnings that not wearing a mask would result in expulsion from the park, he didn’t comply and then doubled down by taking off his shirt. The staff said nothing and seemed amused by him.

There were more people there than at some of the parks at Disney World, and even some of the workers seemed less than pleased to be there. I bought a bottle of water at Universal, and the clerk just pointed at the cash register without uttering a word to me. Our only conversation was her asking me if I wanted my receipt. Hardly the experience we have grown accustomed to. Maybe she was just having a bad start to her day, so I’ll give her a mulligan, after all we were still having a great vacation, and that makes everything better.

Despite some of the blemishes, it was tough to leave. We love Disney, whether it’s World or Land, and we are already planning our next Disney trip. We’ll be back at Disneyland where we belong in 842 days.

Patrick Murphy, editor-publisher of the Humphrey Democrat and Newman Grove Reporter in Nebraska, is a former assistant managing editor at The Telegram.