Garden City Telegram


Alva Burch won high in two tables of Senior Center Pinochle on April 7 at the Senior Center of Finney County.  Robin McLinn took second and Jean Wildeman finished in third place.


Albert Spork won high in two tables of Senior Center Double Pinochle on Monday at the Senior Center of Finney County.  Robin McLinn finished in second place and Leo Smith took third.


Donna Morris won first place in three tables of Senior Center Pitch on Tuesday at the Senior Center of Finney County.  Albert Spor took second place and Robin McLinn finished in third.

If interested in joining in these games, or other activities, contact the Senior Center at 272-3620.


The March 22 Beacon Boosters 4-H Club business meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. at the Finney Hutcheson Hacienda by President Baylee Hutcheson.

Roll call was name your sport. Those in attendance were: Adam Cook, Maggie Deal, Baylee Hutcheson, Jarica Hutcheson, Kiley Kilgore, Kolter Kilgore, Kaylei Marez, Chelsea Torres, Lexi Torres. There were four parents present.

The Flag Salute was led by Jarica Hutcheson and 4-H Pledge was led by Baylee Hutcheson.  Recreation was led by Maggie Deal, 4Hers played chopsticks.

The February 2021 meeting minutes were read and approved as read.  There was no treasurer’s report, Brogan Sperry was excused.  The reporter’s report was summited to the Garden City Telegram, the Extension Office, and posted on Facebook by Kiley Kilgore.

Jarica Hutcheson explained “Division of the house” in the parliamentarian report.   Finney County Council meeting was scheduled after tonight’s 4-H meeting

Baylee Hutcheson talked about Earth Day, Fair activities and Stem Lab during the Jr. Leader’s/Ambassador’s report.  Tammy Hutcheson discussed next meeting with Happy Hustlsers, Camp registration and reading emails and newlsletters during the community leaders report.  She also talked about Kansas 4-H Foundation replacement.

Those celebrating birthdays were Lexi Torres and Kiley Kilgore.

In old business, 4Hers discussed Kansas 4-H Foundation, “Endorse the Course”. Kiley Kilgore made a motion, Kaylei Marez seconded for paying the $50.

In new business, Barn Yard Olympics Volunteers/Reps. Kolter Kilgore and Kaylei Marez will be the representatives. The 4-Hers will pay for themselves a the bowling combined meeting with the Happy Hustlers in April. Kolter Kilgore made a motion and Lexi Torres seconded.

The gavel was passed to Vice President Jarica Hutcheson and the program was “How to make band bracelets” by Kaylei Marez.

Marezs were thanked for being the host this month.

The next Beacon Booster Meeting will be at approximately 3:30 p.m. on April 11 at the Hard Rock Lanes with the Happy Hustlers.

There was a motion to adjourn meeting at 6:48 p.m. by Baylee Hutcheson and seconded by Kaylei Marez.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kiley Kilgore, Secretary

Baylee Hutcheson, President