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Dear Heloise: I'm looking for a different kind of treat and snack for my dog. Do you have any suggestions? - Kelly M. in California

Hey Kelly! Adding new foods into your dog's diet can be tricky. But did you know that eggs are a great occasional snack for dogs? Loaded with amino- and fatty acids, along with monster amounts of protein, eggs are a delicious choice for dogs.

Caveat control: Raw eggs can contain the salmonella bacteria, so watch for that. And adding new foods in the dog's diet can possibly cause tummy trouble.

But all in all, eggs are a good, cheap and nutritious sometimes-snack for dogs. - Heloise


Dear Heloise: Here is a picture of our two Siamese cats -- Hamish, who is a chocolate point, and Angus, who is a seal point -- enjoying a winter day in the recliner. They are resting from being on bird and squirrel patrol in snowy New Hampshire. - Nancy P.H., Webster, N.H.

Dear Readers: To see these two, visit www.Heloise.com and click on "Pet of the Week." Do you have a furry and funny friend to share? Email a picture and description to Heloise@Heloise.com. - Heloise


Dear Readers: Let's review the symptoms of COVID-19:

-  Fever and chills

-  Cough

-  Shortness of breath

-  Fatigue

-  Body and muscle aches

-  Headache

-  Loss of taste and/or smell

-  Sore throat

-  Congestion and runny nose

-  Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

This is not a complete list of all of the symptoms. Check with your doctor to answer your questions and to get an appointment for the vaccine. - Heloise


Dear Heloise: My daughter has a service dog, and I'd like to remind your readers: When you see the dog, do not touch, tease, make eye contact with, talk to him or pet him. What should you do? Just ignore him; he's working! - Jackie K. in Louisiana


Dear Heloise: Did you know? The school nurse at my daughter's elementary provides a tooth-shaped container for those who lose a tooth during the course of a school day.

Shaped like a molar, it's a perfect little keepsake holder. And it's strung on a necklace, so it's hard to misplace. We slip the holder with the tooth inside under the pillow for the tooth fairy! - Marie R. in Texas


Dear Heloise: When shopping for a jacket, I always check out the men's section. The jackets there are boxier, so less bulk when wearing layers, and the color palates are neutral mushroom, tan, black or white. And sometimes the men's jackets can be priced lower than the women's. - Evelyn P. in New York 


Dear Heloise: Love your column. However, you might want to put a word of caution in your column that not all dogs are suited for raised bowls (Feb. 13). 

If a dog tends to eat rapidly, gulping its food, raising the bowl allows it to eat even faster. Excess air may be ingested, leading to bloat. I threw out my raised bowls after reading an article on this. - Barbara B., via email

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